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I keep stumbling upon things I’ve written in the past months which possess amazing relevance to what my current situation is with Lauren’s passing. One such instance was an item on a list I’ve been compiling over the last year — a sort of “Code of Conduct,” if you will. I suppose you could say that 1) it’s a list of traits by which I desire to live and 2) it’s a list I hope to pass on to my children when the time is right. I won’t share the entire list, but you can find a similar one here (another crazy thing, notice the image at the top of the list).

I will, however, share the very last item on the list because my prayer is that you will find encouragement in it this day.

“Few things in life are certain, but one is that hard times will come. Trials will occur and they are often no more God’s will than they are yours. Never give up and do not be afraid. When you reach that point where your strength is spent and you don’t see any way of moving forward it is there that God will meet you. He will take your depravity and exhaustion and turn it into courage and wisdom. What is more important is that He will show up when He doesn’t have to and envelope you in His infinite love. Never forget that no matter how hard things may seem, you have people who love you and are counting on you. Furthermore, you have a Savior who — though He may seem far at times — can be seen and felt in every hug from a loved one, every laugh from a child, or every beautiful sunset.”